De BAFTA David Lean Lecture van Paul Greengrass

Op 18 maart hield regisseur Paul Greengrass (van o.m. Captain Philips, United 93, Bourne films) een fantastische lezing over het wezen van regisseur zijn, over Hollywood en authenticiteit, en wat regisseurs drijft om regisseur te worden.


But why do directors direct? The job is never advertised, you can’t apply for it. I don’t think anyone in the history of movies has ever been standing on the street corner when a producer comes up and says ‘you look just exactly like a director. We’re shooting next week, would you like to start?’ It just never happens. It has happened to actors, and I think maybe it happens to movie executives. I think people in charge of giant media corporations trawl the streets of London and Los Angeles looking for guys in sharp suits and a fast line of talk and carefully coiffed hair, which of course would explain why so many… No, let’s leave that one.

No the fact is, the fact is you choose to direct movies. They don’t choose you. And you need ambition, you need ego, you need vanity of course, not that I’ve got any of those things obviously. You need drive and stamina and a vaguely persuasive manner, and some technical skills. And all of that lot will get you somewhere, they may even get you a movie. But on their own they won’t let you make a good one, and they won’t let you develop over time as a filmmaker. Because one thing’s for sure, history is littered with great scripts that directors made into poor films, or great actors that started working with directors in hope, and ended up in absolute turkeys, in despair. No, you need something else. You have to have something to say, and you have to burn with a great inner desire to say it.

Luister zijn gehele, inspirerende toespraak. Of lees het transcript.

Author: Martijn Winkler

Regisseur, scenarist, creative director van VERTOV en voormalig voorzitter van de DDG.

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