Shit People Say To Women Directors

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Welcome to Shit People Say To Women Directors (& Other Women In Film). We are an anonymous open blog for all individuals identifying as women who work in film & television. It’s a crazy business, especially for women. Until now, we haven’t had a platform to share some of the let’s call them “unusual” things people have said to us while working. This is for catharsis and to expose some of the absurd barriers women face in the entertainment business. Open to all women in film. Please feel free to submit stories, quotes, images, gifs, whatever, to the curators. We’d love to share your story.

After college, I decided to start my own film company. I enlisted two former classmates (one male and one female) to help me. Everything started out great, but very soon the guy started hijacking all of the team meetings and telling us what to do.

When he filled out the “team” portion of our website, he listed himself as President. When the other female partner and I expressed concern, he acted like we were being crazy, and like him being president was a given.

We no longer work together.


“Women tend to struggle with technology.”

—Said to me during a job interview. It was not posed as a question.


I was the only woman among the animators at one of the biggest media companies in the world. When I told my boss I should be paid the same as my 18 (!) other male co-workers, I thought he was going to apologize for the “mistake,” instead he told me to get a rich boyfriend.


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